I’ve plotted out the strip past #200, and I’m excited for every single one of them.

 What’s in store? The conclusion to Slushy the Snowman! Herkimer on an unexpected date! The snake’s trouble with a certain four-legged roommate! Plenty of Johnny the Urban Land Pirate, and a Valentine’s Day to remember!  Sound like fun? Can’t wait to see what’s coming? Good. But I could use a hand. If everyone who reads Herkimer! could do me a big favor and tell 5 friends about how much you like the strip, and suggest giving it a try, I’ll be eternally in your debt. Or if you can think of great ways to help get new readers, those will also do! And for anyone who goes above and beyond the call of duty, we’ll arrange for some kind of Loyal Friends of Herkimer! prize! Maybe an original drawing, or free merch once I get the store running. Sound good? Great.

 Thanks for reading!