Some pretty interesting things going on in the comics world right now concerning creators.

First, Congress may pass a bill (the Orphan Works Act) that’ll create a system where anyone (coughcoughGooglecough) can remove copyright and creator information from any visual art (i.e. comic strips) and use them however they’d like, even commercially. Because, giant corporations are the ones that need help making more money. Especially from the hard work and intellectual property of people who just want to make it on their own and not get robbed, beaten and raped.

And the only defense you may have is to PAY to register it into a government database. Comicsmiths on the internet produce enormous amounts of free content, we don’t need to start paying $10 per image to (probably unsuccessfully) keep Google from legally stealing from us. Brad Guigar of Evil Inc. speaks about it much better than I can over at his site. If you have a few seconds, please go here and send your members of Congress a quick e-mail telling them to help stop this bill from being shoved through and hurting a lot of people.

And if government insanity wasn’t enough, TokyoPop apparently no longer cares about even trying to seem like they want to foster relationships with creators. Their new contest is basically a contractual, 70s era New York City street hustle. Only you have to pay to get thrown into the dumpster at the end. Scott Pilgrim‘s Bryan Lee O’Malley gives the hi-lights, while Heidi MacDonald over at The Beat gives an excellent collection of industry reactions and insight.

And make sure to check out the podcast Webcomics Weekly‘s Episode 34 (“Signing it Away”) which has a nice discussion about the dangerous territory ANYONE looking to make a living as an independent creator has to navigate.

We’re all in trouble folks, we really need to start pulling our heads from the sand.