Starting today, Herkimer! is going to disappear for a week, and instead we’re going to see one of our Sunday Stars each day! I need an artistic vacation from the usual grind, and I thought a fun treat would be to see a different Laughing Boy character a day. And when the week is over, and all the strips have run, there will be a vote open for the rest of June to decide which strip gets it’s own full week next month! Want to see a 5 day Intergalactic Gary or Adventures of Hunker Down story? Then you better get prepared to make your voice heard! Let me know who you want to see! And don’t worry, Herk and the gang’ll be back next week, and I have some pretty interesting places to take them! Here’s a hint for an upcoming storyline: the snake and monkey are going home. Just where is that? Wait and see!

So sit back, and enjoy a WEEK OF SUNDAYS!