Well, I’m back. I’m rested and refreshed, and ready to get back to the strip. Wanna hear about my trip!? Too bad, cos you’re gonna.

Day 1!: I bus it up to New York City, to get on a bus to Boston, where nothing much happens.

Day 2!: Got some Thai food. Got on a plane to Seattle. Turned 26 on a ferry boat crossing Puget Sound. A first for me. Slept in a ranch themed hostel, complete with a barn, covered wagons and teepees.

Day 3!: Drove up to Vancouver, BC for my cousin’s wedding. My English family and I make fun of one another. A good time is had.

Day 4!: Walk around a rainy Vancouver. See an exhibit in the Vancouver Art Gallery called Krazy! all about comic, animation, videogame, etc. art. It was good.

Day 5!: Look at the totem poles in Stanley Park, drove down to Portland. Checked into the nicest hostel EVER. Went to Voodoo Doughnut. Ate a dougnut with Tang on it.

Day 6!: Walked around Portland. Ate a Big Honkin’ Burrito.

Day 7!: Wasted half the morning getting comics. It is worth it. Headed along the coast back up to Seattle.

Day 8!: Walked around The Artists Republic of Fremont (aka the center of the universe.) Got a haircut and a new hat.

Day 9!: Walked around Seattle. Ate a crepe. Loved it.

Day 10!: Drove down and checked out Mt. St. Helens. Was impressed. Got back on a plane to Boston.

Day 11!: Didn’t sleep. Was tired, but spent the day with friends in a park. Got hit with a frisbee twice.

Day 12!: Slept in, bummed around my friends’ yardsale. The yardsale successfully preyed on students moving into the area. Was considered a success by all.

Day 13!: Hopped on a bus to New York City, then a train to Red Bank, NJ, where I changed into my suit in a Dunkin’ Donuts bathroom, just in time for a wake.

It was a good time.

Thanks to “Enticing” Erik Heumiller for coming along with me on a North West romp.

And many, many thanks to “Tenacious” Tim Roselle for his two weeks of strips that gave me the time to relax. Not only did he fill the slot while I was away, I really enjoyed his storyline. Space carrots? Comedy gold.

(Also, today is Tim’s birthday, so feel free to leave birthday messages below.)