So this past Saturday night I could absolutely not sleep, and instead my mind wandered to all the things Laughing Boy could be…and I think I’m gonna start tackling them sooner rather than later. Here’s a couple things I’m thinkin’:

1. An ongoing, quarterly comic book, each focusing on a different character. Every four issues would be part of a larger storyline which would lead to…

2. A yearly (maybe digest sized) collection for each each four part story.

3. Maybe an annual extra-sized comic featuring everyone’s favorite imaginary friends, maybe?

4. Finally get my first collection of the webcomic published so you can read old  Herkimer! strips on the toilet. 

5. And of course, all the while publishing the 5x a week webcomic and keeping it in continuity with the  new books, providing a rich tapestry of Laughing Boyness.

Any thoughts? Would anyone have any interest in possibly purchasing any of this things? Cos I’m kinda excited about it…