Hey everyone, haven’t posted in a while and for that I apologize! I’ve been figuring some things out, and how to best proceed with them, all in hopes of giving you the maximum enjoyment out of the Laughing Boyniverse. I’m moving ahead with some non-webcomic stories you’ll be able to purchase or borrow, as well as some other media projects cohorts of mine are working hard on. Meanwhile, The Storm! How’re you guys liking it? It was a blast to draw, and I enjoyed checking in on all the characters while cementing the shared universe between them. There’s a reason I love Marvel Comics so much, and it’s that shared universe that makes it so perfect to me. But I digress.

I’m planning a lot of things, but I obviously need to work on my blogging skills. I have some site renovations planned, a retooling of the store, and a general rebirth of the brand coming down the pipe, so get excited. And for the record, the Babycave is the nickname given to the apartment I live and work out of. It might have something to do with this statue I keep near the bathroom.