Oh hello there. I ( Timmy, sometime LBC collaborator) am attempting to make / eventually sell Laughing Boy figures. With the great look and feel of the LBC universe it was only a matter of time before the characters turned into 3D form. I’m going to catalog my process right here on the site. Between the sculpting, mold making / learning, and painting it will be a long process but I hope sooner than later to have them done. I really hope to capture each characters unique personality while adding my own touch to ’em. They will be PVC size going no bigger than about 3 inches. If in time these do well and people enjoy them we can work on larger figures. I have the first 12 characters planned out with their armatures ready to go. Feel free to guess who they are below! For right now I have the first series of 3 being glued to their bases as I type this. Check back soon for updates! Thanks!


Ps. If you can’t tell………….. series one is going to be Herkimer, the Taco, and the Snake.