Who: JP Coovert

Why: I’ve been present at the last two Small Press Expos, and one tradition that’s quickly forming is my eager anticipation of the newest offerings from JP Coovert. In 2008 I got a nice big handful of his autobiographical Simple Routines collections and Adrift (which is one of the nicest looking things I’ve gotten at a con period) and loved them. In 2009 I got one of his new minis, Rematch, which takes our hero into the reaches of outer space for a rematch to claim the Intergalactic Ping Pong Championship. This mini is sharply drawn with JP’s trademark sense of humor and (dare I say it) whimsy. It’s also fast. You could spend an hour inspecting each page, but you’d still feel like the whole story exploded at you in moments. While Adrift had a feeling of stillness and tranquility, Rematch has the tempo of machine gun fire. SPX starts this Saturday, and you can bet I’ll be making a beeline for the One Percent Press table for the latest from Mr. Coovert.

Where: jpcoovert.com and you can find his minis for sale in the One Percent Press shop.