What: Uncanny X-Men #528

Who: Matt Fraction (words), Whilce Portacio (pencils)  and plenty of others.

When: September, 2010

Where: Published by Marvel so it’s available anywhere that sells monthly comic books.

Why: The X-Men, along with Calvin and Hobbes are why I love the medium of comics. They opened my eyes to cool concepts and endless possibilities. When Matt Fraction came on board Uncanny X-Men I was a little worried, but nothing too serious. And it quickly became my favorite book again, a spot it hasn’t occupied for several years. The different characters were getting face time, cool plot ideas came up and it felt like the book an X-Men fan would love. Damn near perfect. The newest issue however, has me a bit worried. First off, I don’t think this is the right book for Whilce Portacio. I’m a long time fan, and enjoyed his 90s X-Men work, but he just doesn’t seem into this run. But that’s not really why I’m worried. With the new storyline “The Five Lights” which ushers in the first new mutants in several years, I’m sensing a change in tone. A new character with powers that marginalize Iceman (and he’s already in the margin) and some subplots addressed in complicated ways that have me scratching my head and digging into past issues aren’t filling me with tons of faith. I hope I’m wrong and this book starts thrilling me and having me race to the comic shop again, and soon! I love these characters, and I still love this book, and I want it to be the kind of book I can stick in friends’ hands and hopefully turn them on to the X-Men.

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