What: Greek Street: Blood Calls For Blood

Who: Peter Milligan (words) and Davide Gianfelice (pictures)

When: Originally published as single issues in 2009-2010 by Vertigo for DC Comics.

Where: Anywhere comic collections are sold, and is an ongoing series.

Why: Before I loved the heroes of the Marvel Comics universe, I was mildly obsessed with Greek mythology. They are, after all, kind of the same thing. Heroes performing amazing feats to thwart villains and monsters, right? But then there’s that other aspect of Greek mythology: tragedy. We learn about Hercules and Orpheus but don’t really focus on the tragic. The murders, the betrayals that make Greek literature still resonate thousands of years later. And then Peter Milligan had a genius idea. What if those stories, those tragedies weren’t just from a thousand years ago? What if the recycled, and periodically broke the surface in the modern world? Greek Street is his story about these stories. Instead of Oedipus taking his father’s throne and bedding his mother we get Eddie, a foster kid who sleeps with his mother and propelling him into a crisis amiss analogs of Agamemnon, Cassandra and the Furies (now gang members belonging to the Furey family.) Though I’m not 100% in love with the pacing or the art, I’ve already read this book twice. It’s all the best parts of Greek tragedy, erupting into modern day London. Heroes, villains, monsters and a Chorus made of strippers are all over this first volume, and I can’t wait to see who/what will pop up in the next book.

Next time: The Unwritten Volume 1