What: Hey, Wait…


Who: By Jason

When: Originally puplished by Fantagraphic Books in 2001.

Where: Finer comic retailers.

Why: This comic is something else. If you read comics, you’ve probably heard someone talk about the quiet genius of Jason, or you’d recognize his anthropomorphic characters from somewhere. There’s a reason. Even if his stories were no good, his cartooning skills are superb. Taking a maximum visual load and turning it into an awesome balance of black and white lineart, he knows what he’s doing. That’s why you should read Jason. Why should you read this book in particular? Because it will stick with you.

Hey, Wait… is a story in two parts. One chapter from main character Jon’s childhood and another from his adulthood that show the before and after of a life changing event. We all have those moments from early in our lives, the watershed moments that propel us toward who we become. If we’re lucky, that moment isn’t defined by tragedy. Jon wasn’t so lucky.

Before I read this, I was warned multiple times that it was “a bummer,” and I have to agree. But it’s one of those works that you know you’re better for having let in. It washes your insides and reminds you that  a deep sadness can be as beautiful as any, more common happy tale. And we’re often better off for indulging in the former. So please, indulge.