What: The Purple Smurfs

Who: By Peyo.

When: Originally published in 1959, this June 2010 edition is the first time being published in America.

Where: So far I have only seen limited copies of this book in comic shops. You can also find them here.

Why: Simpy put, Peyo is my favorite cartoonist of all time. The Smurfs are some of the most fun, cleanly laid out comics I’ve ever read. The thing that sucks is before this book, I’ve only ever laid hands on a single Smurf comic as they haven’t been published in America in over 20 years! So if there’s one benefit to a live action Smurf movie, it is definitely these new editions in reach of Americans.

This book even has 3 stories to wet the whistle of American audiences: The Purple Smurfs, The Flying Smurf and The Smurf and His Neighbors. In The Purple Smurfs we get the first solo Smurf tale, and it’s pretty much a zombie story. A Smurf gets bitten by a strange bug, becomes purple and begins biting other Smurfs. Before long, the Smurfs are falling to waves of their infected brethren and it’s awesome. In the other 2 stories we follow a SMurf who wants to be the first Flying Smurf and one that just wants a place to sleep away from his noisy neighbor Smurfs. Neither gets exactly what they want, but it’s a fun time watching them try.

The reason it’s so much fun? Peyo’s skills. The composition, the pacing and humor of the writing? Fantastic. No one does it quite like him. These books are not going to come out fast enough, and I’m going to be looking forward to them with the hunger of a crack addict. These comics are smurfing smurftastic. (Sorry, I had to do it…)