What: Wizards of Mickey Vol. 1: Mouse Magic

Who: Stefano Ambrosio (writer), Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, Marco Gervasio, Marco Palazzi, Alessandro Perina (art)

When: Originally published as individual issues, collected in January 2010.

Where: From Boom! Studios.

Why: It’s Mickey, Donald, Goofy and more meets Dungeons and Dragons. Do you need more of a recommendation? As with all the other Disney books coming from Boom! Studios, the art is perfect. The story is light and easy to follow, which is what you’d expect from a kid friendly book of this kind. But what I like most is yet another new variation on the Disney buddy trio story that I’ve loved since I was a kid. Mickey, Donald and Goofy and their distinct personalities all coming together and driving a fun romp of a tale. If you enjoy these guys getting into trouble, all for one and one for all, pick up this book.