Sooo…yea, the launch of the new webcomic didn’t go as planned. A week hiatus after only 2 strips turned into 2 weeks…and then it seemed silly to post them Thanksgiving week, so I let it go another week. And here we are. But don’t worry, there will be a new strip tomorrow, Thursday and twice a week thereafter!

Some things to look forward to:

-I’m going to rework the blog a bit to make it hopefully look nicer and make it a place you want to come check out, new strip or no.

-Included in the blog, 2 reviews a week, starting with Wednesday’s review of B.P.R.D. 1946.

-On Fridays you’ll start getting a sketch or drawing, maybe teasing an upcoming character or something you’ll be seeing in the store.

-I’m going to redo the store! There’s probably a mountain of minicomics starring some of the Laughing Boy gang you didn’t know existed. Laughing Boy Tales #2, Peculiar Stories #2 (with Dick. Hack. Goose and Hunker Down stories!) and more!

-A subscription service so that you can have the newest minicomics mailed to you without even knowing it’s coming!

I know if let the ball drop (yet again) these past couple weeks, but I’m back in the saddle and determined to spread the LBC Gospel.