Today I’m looking at something a little different…a minicomic I was handed at this year’s Small Press Expo. It’s called Crust Dog and it made my day.

We’ve all thought about it when we see Crust Punks and their dogs. “Is that fair to the dog?” We’ll in this gem of a mini, creator Anthony Sorge decides to answer it. I got my hands on a lot of comics at SPX this year, but this one was easily my favorite. It’s the story of Handlebar, the underfed pet of a street anarchist. Loyal and unrewarded, his life seems hopeless until a dream reconnects him with Lobo the Wolf-God and his ancestral nature. Clocking in at only 12 pages, Crust Dog not only gives us a hilarious send up of Crust Punk culture, but also a (bizarrely) heartwarming tale of revenge and a destiny found. It’s like if Jack London made minicomics about a niche music culture. Yes, I realize how that sounds. Head over to Anthony Sorge’s Tumblr and see about getting your own copy. You’ll love it and your friends will think you’re awesome.