Okay, Hellboy book 4! Here we go.

The Right Hand of Doom is another collection of shorter Hellboy stories much like the previous book, the last couple stories however are a little bigger and touch on topics we’ve been waiting some time to learn about.

In this collection we go to some interesting places. We get to see Hellboy fight a medieval dragon in England, visit Norway and get beat up by a ghost wolf-man. We also see one of the coolest Hellboy stories as he gets caught up in a trap set by Japanese demons. (Whose heads detach. Like I said: awesome.) Not to mention a very Lovecraftian tale, a Romanian super vampire that can eat the moon and, oh yea, Hellboy as a kid!

This collection is more of the same Hellboy adventures with some new locales and flavors. The last two stories however, The Right Hand of Doom and Box Full of Evil are a bit more…involved. Right Hand and Box finally give us some explanation of why Hellboy has a GIANT STONE HAND and what his “destined” purpose is. The answers aren’t pleasant ones. Box Full of Evil is one of my favorite Hellboy tales. It’s full of crazy legends, demonic pacts that don’t work out, and hands of glory. Also a monkey with a gun. It’s a good time.

If you aren’t reading or dying to read Hellboy yet, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. It’s graphically perfect and an engaging story full of myth and legend bleeding into our world. Read it!