Well, as Laughing Boy Comics.com enters it’s seventh year today, we decided to do something new. Well, to add to the newness we’ve already been doing that is.

We here at LBCentral are certain you’ve all been enjoying the continuing adventures of Amy No-Arms in Hard to Handle, Crate and Johnny getting their geek on in Nerdtime, and the occasional Adventures of Bob on Fire.

Well starting tomorrow a new strip enters the fold.


Appearing 3 or so times a month, O’Scrums is the bar in the middle of the Laughing Boyniverse. Who knows who we’ll see as Tess and the rest of the staff try to make it through their days and nights. I’m really excited about it, and I think it’s going to be a cool flavor in the mix that is the current state of Laughing Boy Comics.com.

Thanks so much for reading, and here’s to seven more!

(And just because I like you, every time a new O’Scrums drops, you can see it a day early by liking Laughing Boy Comics on Facebook! Aren’t you lucky?)