What’s up Laughing Bros?

Kyle Cummings is the name and from here on out, like it or not, telling you how I feel is my game. For as long as I can take it and Dick allows.

First off I’d like to thank Dick for the opportunity to spread my feelings unfiltered to the world. #2 What a great time to be a fanboy. All will be discussed. And C. From here on out my opinion is here for debate. I’m a full fledged fanboy and sometimes my love blinds me. So help me see what I’m missing. I’m not a critic, just another opinion on the web.


So for this maiden voyage lets keep it simple. If you’re reading our web comics then you’re reading comics. So I’d like to start with what Image has been doing of late. Creators creating undisturbed and I’m loving it. Today I’m only going to talk about the one story I can’t stop thinking about: Sheltered.


What a great book. No one saw this coming. With all the POST apocalyptic stories going around in the different types of media, who thought to tell the story of a PRE apocalyptic adventure. Ed Brisson, that’s who. What a genius idea. Now add a great story and great art by Johnnie Christmas and you’ve got entertainment gold. If you like a good story,  one that you feel hasn’t been done before, then this book is for you. That’s MY type of story. I really hate spoilers in every aspect.

So for now all I’ll say is this: on Wednesday, December 11th, do yourself a favor and pick up the first volume collecting issues 1-5. You can thank me later.

That’s all I’m willing to share for now. Not sure the posting schedule in the weeks to come with the holidays and all, but I promise there will be more blogging and less introduction to be sure.